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frank tycer website designfrank tycer wesite designerfrank tycer internet consulting

Website Design & Development

with an emphasis on
Search Engine Optimization

frank tycer website designfrank tycer wesite designerfrank tycer internet consulting

My focus is web development,
search engine optimization,
creative services,

online marketing,

and internet promotions.

I build stylish, streamline, high traffic search engine friendly,
websites and blogs
(and other interactive media)

I can help you
balance the right kind of online media
so your website or blog
looks good,
builds traffic,
markets right,
and ranks well

in the search engines
like Google & Yahoo.

I am available as
a Designer,
a Developer,
a Web Manager,

Webmaster / Consultant

to help you run and improve
your online venture.

I can connect you
to a world full of resources
and strategies that will

get your venture really moving.

scroll down for an
overview of services

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Here is a quick biography overview
Franks Bio

Here is what my clients have been
saying lately...Client Testimonials

Frank Tycer

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frank tycer internet consultantfrank tycer website design


Website & Blog Development

Search Engine Optimization

Internet Strategies Consulting

Targeted Web Traffic Generation

Online Marketing and Advertising

Creative Design


Contact me and lets talk about your internet venture, creative
or overall online

Bio Testimonials Services Websites Flash Animation Portfolio Resources Contact

overview of services

Web Design
(creating websites that look just how you want it)

Web Development
(turning websites into something that works well for you and your visitors)

Search Engine Optimization
(SEO - getting you to rank well & be seen properly in Google and other search engines) 

Search Engine Marketing
(SEM - going out and getting them, making lots come, getting you tactics, tools, and media for once they come - a combination of SEO, managing paid listings at the search engines, submitting sites to directories, creating and managing marketing content, and developing ongoing online marketing strategies - not only bringing you more traffic, but the right kind of traffic)

Email Marketing
(Collect, manage and market to your growing collection of email addresses. Get interested qualified people updated and informed, and market to them with newsletters, articles, promotions, links to gateway pages, ebay listings, web specials, members only areas, and much more...use auto responders and statistiscs to manage, track, prune, and build, a conversion strong email marketing campaign.)

Social Media Marketing
(Related to search engine marketing, yet focuses on driving traffic from sources other than search engines, although improved search ranking is also a benefit. Social Media Marketing is similar to viral marketing, yet uses networking in social bookmarking, photo and video sharing websites. And in a similar way with blogs by sharing content through the use of RSS in the blogsphere and special blog search engines such as Technorati. So, again, not only bringing you more traffic, but the right kind of traffic, and from other areas than search engines)

Online Marketing & Advertising
(Google Adwords & PayPerClick Advertising, Web 2.0 & Social Network Advertising, Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising Strategies with on & off line reach / Tracking & Analytics / Creative and more)

Ecommerce & Website Monetization
(Implement the abiltiy to sell and/or charge visitors for service, products, memberships and more., as well as making money from your site by monetizing your traffic with advertising, adsense, & other means.)

Website, Keyword, Competition, and Demographic Intel & Analysis
(What keywords are important to you? What content should you focus on ? How can you get targeted traffic ? These are just some of the important questions you need answered to enjoy success. Understand who your competition is, what they are doing right and doing wrong: and where you need to focus. Understand who your demographic is, how they search, what keywords they use to search with, and therefore what keywords you need to focus on. Understanding who, what, how much, and more, will help you to focus on important areas. Save time & money by staying away from unimportant areas and focus on what works...and much more !)

(ongoing duties- content updates / web and blog management / Adwords & pay per click advertising / getting links to your website / building traffic / & much more)

Creative Design
(Logos / animations / branding graphics / user interface design / photo retouch / & more)

Internet Consultant
(counseling you toward the big picture / improving your online tactics / researching keywords-competition-demographics / tactics to increase conversion / getting better ROI / more relevant visitors / define a better strategy / & more)


”… niche and value is that even if I’m only doing one of these categories for you,
I’m doing it with expertise in all the rest…

Frank Tycer




Franks Bio:


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Bio Testimonials Services Websites Flash Animation Portfolio Resources Contact

Websites Seach Engine Optimization E-Commerce Online Advertising

Vacation Rentals
Interface Design
Company Start Up
Web Prototypes
frank tycer interface design

Flash Animation

Corporate Promo
Intro Animations
Banner Ads
Logo Animations
Flash Web assets

Logos & Corporate Identity

3d Art & Animation Visualization

3d art
3d logo
3d visuals
3d art2
fox studios


Photography Photo-Manipulation Photo-Correction

photo mask
photo flower
photo manipulation 2
photo manipulation
photo people

Traditional Artistry

Digital Pen&Ink
Character Design
Ceramic Sculpture
Digital Painting
digital artist
ceramic mask
digital paintings

(please email me for examples in this section)


and other creative endeavors

logo design
product graphics
logo designs
product designs
3d previsualization

(please email me for examples in this section)

Bio Testimonials Services Websites Flash Animation Portfolio Resources Contact

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