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Examples of Keyword, Competitive & Payperclick Research

returns here

Keyword Lists / Info / Search Volume

includes lists of actually searched relevant keywords
monthly search volumes (if significant) / # of searches
Results (number of websites found for a keyword)
sponsored ad PPC keyword info / position / cost / # of clicks / # of Ad campaigns

------------------------------- extras -------------------------------

includes graphed relative keyword volume and region trends

includes SitMeansSit Demographics / Audience / Traffic / and Summary info

Adwords PayPerClick Info
includes keywords found / cost per click / advertiser competition / search volume

Competitive SEO & Search Overview
includes info about how well (or not) the competition has performed their own SEO
on page evaluations / search volume overview / top ranker results per keyword
top competition website page rank / links to top ranker websites

Competitive Landscape
includes overview / relationships / domination / websites keyword titles
keyword and/or website specific 'actual players'
relational graphs / url's

(when hawaii and/or maui isn't present in any of these pages, its because there wasn't enough info to include)


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