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Maui Website Design & Development 2020
with an emphasis on
Search Engine Optimization

Maui Website Marketing & Social Media Services
frank tycer website designfrank tycer wesite designerfrank tycer internet consulting

Aloha !

I am a Maui Website Designer with 20+ years of web development experience. I am based in Maui, on Lahaina side, just below Kapalua, serving all of Maui, Hawaii, and the mainland US for 2020. 

My focus is:

SEO Website Development,
Wordpress Website Design,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
SEO Consulting & Services,
Social Media Marketing,
Online & Website Advertising,

Website Marketing & Promotion,
Google Adwords PayPer Click Services,

Advanced Creative Services,
& Webmaster Management Services.

I am a comprehensive resource for Website Design, Development and Promotions.

I build stylish, streamline, high traffic, websites and blogs. I design search engine optimized (SEO) Wordpress Websites, and HTML websites, that rank great and are completely customized, just how you want it, and just how you need it (and I can help you learn the difference). I specialize in Search engine optimized web development from the ground up, that couples services like keyword and competition analysis, online security, creative & graphics branding, Google ranking, online marketing / advertising, and Ecommerce. From simple quick websites to advanced content management systems, everthing I build is custom and designed for each client from the very begining, so no matter what you need, I have you covered. And all along the way I have been told time and time again that (if you like) I can explain how it works, how you can work it, and I like to turn all the technical jargon in easy to understand concepts...check my testimonials ! ;-)

I am also available as a consultant to optimize or redesign your existing website. Effecting adjustments and modifications that will increase traffic, promote better website sales, services & conversion, and improve ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

I help you balance the right kind of online media so that your website or blog looks good, builds traffic, markets well, and ranks at the top of the search engines.


Baldwin Beach Hawaii Web Design


I have many clients throughout Maui, Hawaii, the even mainland US. Wherever in the world you are, I am looking forward to working with you and getting you to the next level.


I am available as:

an SEO Website Designer,

an Expert SEO Consultant

a Experienced Website Developer,

an SEO Wordpress Website Designer,

a Wordpress Marketing Consultant,

an Ongoing SEO Webmaster,

an Online Marketing Strategist,

an Internet Advertising Manager,

and a Tactical Website Consultant.

Napili Web Design


Contact me and lets talk
about your internet goals,
creative project, website ideas,
or your overall online direction.



frank tycer website designfrank tycer website design

phone 858.454.4232

frank tycer website designfrank tycer website design

Frank Tycer Maui Web Designer

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frank tycer internet consultantfrank tycer website design

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Here's a quick
biography overview

Franks Bio

frank tycer website designfrank tycer website design

Here's what my clients
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Client Testimonials

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Bio Testimonials Services Maui Wordpress Websites Portfolio Maui Website Design Contact

overview of services

frank tycer website designfrank tycer website designfrank tycer website designfrank tycer website design


Maui Web Design
(creating websites that look just how you want it)

Maui Web Development
(turning websites into something better, that works well for you and your visitors)

Maui Website Marketing
(Getting Your website in front of as many eyeballs as possible, and turning visitors into customers)

Maui Search Engine Optimization
(SEO - getting you to rank at the top & be seen properly in Google and other search engines)  

Maui Website, Keyword, Competition, and Demographic Intel & Analysis
(What keywords are important to you? What content should you focus on ? How can you get targeted traffic ? These are just some of the important questions you need answered to enjoy success. Understand who your competition is, what they are doing right and doing wrong: and where you need to focus. Understand who your demographic is, how they search, what keywords they use to search with, and therefore what keywords you need to focus on. Understanding who, what, how much, and more, will help you to focus on important areas. Save time & money by staying away from unimportant areas and focus on what works...and much more !)

Maui Search Engine Marketing 2020
(SEM - a combination of SEO, managing paid listings on the side of the search engines, submitting sites to directories, creating and managing marketing content, and developing ongoing online marketing strategies - not only bringing you more traffic, but the right kind of traffic)

Maui Email Marketing
(Collect, manage and market to your growing collection of email addresses. Get interested qualified people updated and informed, and market to them with newsletters, articles, promotions, gateway pages, ebay listings, web specials, members only areas, and much more...use strategies & statistiscs to manage, track, prune, and build a conversion strong email marketing campaign.)

Maui Social Media Marketing 2020
(Related to search engine marketing, yet focuses on Social Networks driving traffic from sources other than search engines, although improved search ranking is also a benefit. Social Media Marketing is similar to viral marketing and uses networking in social bookmarking, photo and video sharing websites. And in a similar way with blogs by sharing content through the use of RSS in the blogsphere and special blog search engines such as Technorati. So, again, not only bringing you more traffic, but the right kind of traffic, and from other areas than search engines)

Maui Online Marketing & Advertising
(Marketing and Advertising implementations from the internet side of your venure. INcluding areas like Google Adwords & PayPerClick Advertising, Web 2.0 & Social Network Advertising, Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising Strategies with online & offline reach)

Maui Ecommerce & Website Monetization
(Implement the abiltiy to sell and/or charge visitors for service, products, memberships and more., as well as making money from your site by monetizing your traffic with advertising, adsense, & other means)

Maui Webmastering
(ongoing duties- content updates / web and blog management / Adwords & pay per click advertising / getting links to your website / building traffic / & much more)

Maui Creative Design
(Logos / animations / branding graphics / user interface design / photo retouch / & more)

Maui Internet Consultant 2020
(counseling you toward the big picture / improving your online tactics / researching keywords-competition-demographics / tactics to increase conversion / getting better ROI / more relevant visitors / define a better strategy / & more)

frank tycer website designfrank tycer website designfrank tycer website designfrank tycer website design

” …my niche and value is that even if I’m only doing one of these categories for you, I’m doing it with expertise in all the rest…

Frank's Bio:

Frank's Testimonials:


call : 858.454.4232

frank tycer website designfrank tycer website designfrank tycer website designfrank tycer website design

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